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Double billing on account

I have been getting double-billed for two of my channel upgrades on two separate cards (HBO and Disney). I finally cancelled payment method and now I have double-billing happening on SAME card.  I was on with customer support forever and they were reportedly looking into and getting back to me in January, but no one has responded. 

This has been occurring since May 2021. Please help

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Re: Double billing on account


Let's first confirm what is happening. Start by going to and logging in. Then go to the Manage your subscriptions page. What do you see there?

If no active subscriptions are there, then Roku isn't the one billing you, and it's a fraud situation. If there are active subscriptions there, cancel them immediately, then go to your Payment Method page and remove any payment method on your account.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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Re: Double billing on account

@DBDukes , thanks for assisting on this matter, we appreciate you sharing your expertise.


@JHE , we are reaching out to see if you were able to resolve your issue. If you are still needing assistance we would be happy to help.


You can send us a direct message or reply to this message and we can go from there.



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