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Disney Plus subscription is set to increase on Roku

I keep receiving emails saying that my Disney+ subscription is set to increase.  I have looked at my Roku account which isn't listing Disney+ as a subscribed channel yet when I log into Disney+ on my computer, it is telling me that I have subscribed to it via Roku.   I want to cancel Disney+ but am not able to since Roku doesn't show it and Disney+ keeps telling me I can't cancel through them since I subscribed via Roku.

What can I do?

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Re: Disney+ and Roku

I need to cancel my Disney+ and roku account.  Roku was stolen

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Re: Disney+ and Roku

Hi @rufus2104,

Thanks for the inquiry and we're sorry to hear this.

To cancel the subscription and Roku account, we suggest logging in to your Roku account at to cancel your subscription at manage subscription and unlink your Roku account to your stolen Roku device.

I've provided some links below to go into further detail.

How do I unsubscribe or cancel my subscription? - Roku

What should I do if my Roku® streaming device is lost or ...

We hope that's helpful.



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