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Reel Rookie

Disappointed with support, rude agent

Signed up for the wrong Crave package and tried to upgrade immediately after but you can't upgrade without being charged the basic service a second time. Contact Roku chat support and agent tells me everything is non refundable and to wait until the end of my subscription (which would be a month from now) to cancel and change to what I want. I told him I was disappointed with the service and he was extremely rude and told me he was going to escalate my case (really? something this simple needs to be escalated???) but that on second thought that was all he was going to do for me today. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Disappointed with support, rude agent

Every premium subscription I have ever seen, either directly with the channel, or through a third party like Roku, is set up as non-refundable and to auto-renew at the end of the subscription period unless canceled before then.

This is all explained in the conditions you agree to when you subscribe (you know, all that stuff we all agree to without actually reading it).

It wouldn't surprise me if the agent you were chatting with didn't even have the capability of going outside the established subscription system, which is why it would have to be passed on up the line.  Don't be surprised if your request is denied.  Roku is most likely bound by a similar non-refundable clause in their contract with Crave.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Disappointed with support, rude agent

I wasn't trying to get a refund, I wanted to upgrade without paying the base fee again. The agent was rude to me after he asked for my email and I asked what he needed it for and stated I was disappointed. He took that as refusal to comply - asking why he needed my email - and said he was going to escalate my case but wouldn't be doing so anymore. No matter the policy, that was unnecessary and rude. 

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