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Did not order Starz on Roku channel

I did not nor did anyone in our home order Starz on Roku. Someone there has my billing information and is that to order channels for money, I want to see proof of how it was taken out of my bank account. This is stealing in my opinion. I demand to know what happened to my last bit of money 

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Re: Did not order Starz on Roku channel

I did not order Starz on Roku channel, I am very upset, because it took my last little money out of my account, I demand to know how that happened.

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Re: Did not order Starz on Roku channel

Login to your Roku account on a computer or phone.  Check your subscriptions.  If the Starz subscription is not listed the charge is not from Roku and they cannot help you.  If that is the case contact your bank or credit card account holder and dispute the charge.  If the subscription is listed you can cancel the subscription while logged into your Roku account.

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Re: Did not order Starz on Roku channel


Let's check a couple of things. First, go to Roku Account Page and log in.

From that page, you'll see a link that says Manage your subscriptions. Click that and look at the subscriptions there. Do you see one for Starz?

If a subscription shows

If you do see a subscription, then you need do a few things. First, cancel it.

Then, go to the PIN Preference Page and check the current settings. It will be one of these:

  • Always require a PIN to make purchases and add items from the Channel Store.
  • Always require a PIN to make purchases.
  • A PIN is not required to make any purchase or add any items from the Channel Store.

Ensure it's one of the first two. If it's not, set it to one of those. Those prevent anyone from charging anything to your account without knowing the PIN. And you set the PIN. Just don't tell anybody what it is.

Oh, and there are other settings you might want to examine, in case they're useful to you, but they don't impact this issue.

Next thing, look at the Payment Method page and see if you want to update, or even remove (scroll all the way down), your payment method.

Then, you'll want to reach out to @Jeremiah-Roku for help with billing.

If no subscription shows

If there is no subscription, then Roku didn't do it. Here's some information that will help explain that situation.

When a financial institution gets payment card data submitted to them, there is a description that is essentially free text. It can say anything.

It's supposed to say who made the charge, and contact information about it. However, it can contain any information.

If a thief (no other way to describe them) obtains payment card information, they can submit the information and fill out the text any way they want. They can put NASA, they can put Queen of England, they can put UNICEF, they can put Roku, they can put anything ... heck, they could put your name. In this case, they put Roku. They're thieves, so a lie on top of theft is kinda par for the course.

What likely happened is that someone compromised a system that had that your payment card information, and some thief (maybe the same person, maybe a different person) ended up with it. They submitted information and put Roku in the description.

Roku didn't do this. Some thief did and then lied about it.

From the Roku end, go to Roku Support Contact Page and fill out what you can there.

On your end, report it as fraud to your financial institution.

Also: tagging @Jeremiah-Roku who is a forum contact for billing.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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