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Delivery of Purchased Items

Roku has not provided me with any information regarding when and how my purchased item will be shipped nor have I been given any information on how I can track it. I must know this because I have a gated house which prevents access to my front door for delivery. I open the gate on known delivery dates. I have already been on the phone with Roku reps at the time of purchased when I did not receive a confirmation email because of a nonexistent email address. That problem was resolved over the phone and I was able to update to my new email address. However... I was told I would get a response within 24-48 hours as to whether or not I would get a confirmation letter containing my purchase information for the Roku sale. ... that time frame has came and went. I received emails asking me to rate Roku's service and another that if I did response to receiving an email regarding the purchased item's details then the Roku rep sending that email stated that the matter would be considered resolved. I responded immediately that it was not resolved over 24 hours ago and I still have not received a reply.

I went to searching for information that none of the techs on phone calls or in an email would give me an answer to. I quite by accident found the purchase specifics such as Order Number & Invoice Number with the specific details... What I cannot get is a response to my emails replies regarding when can I know when my purchase will ship and on what day will it be delivered.

I tried calling the number (919) 323-3030 that I used on August 16, 2022 but now I get a recording that Roku no longer provides “local service” (WHAT?) ... I then go to the Roku page provided to get help and the page will not load!

I am left hanging here by Roku. It is a simple request as I have stated. Everyone online selling goods and services provides the type of information I have to requested from Roku. I should not have to be put through all this just to find out delivery information on an item that Roku had no problem charging my credit card for. I have exhausted all methods of contacting anyone at Roku to get answers. This is my last ditch effort for Roku to tell mme when the item will ship and on what day it will be delivered. I do not have any confidence that I will get the problem resolved here either. I will provide specific details of the order (that I found on my own with no help from Roku) to whomever. This forum does not seem like the place for posting my specific details.

Please put me in touch with whoever can answer my simple questions. I suppose I will just have to check back here everyday to see if this has been acted on. The real irony here is that Roku sends emails wanting me to rate their service after I have ask on the phone directly to provide me with a service that I should not have to ask for... and was told I would have to wait for 48 hours for an email to address the question.

I have no idea how you will handle this but I can assure Roku that I will never buy anything else from them, nor will I subscribe to any TV/movie channels. And for what reason? Roku gives me the run around and will not provide me with the basics of making an online purchase... something as simple as when will my paid for item be shipped and when can I expect on what date it will be delivered.

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Community Manager

Re: Delivery of Purchased Items

Hey @Whalen

It isn't possible to get the order confirmation sent to the new email address, as that information would have gone to the old email. Apologies, our system just isn't able to handle that sort of thing, but I can go ahead and pull the tracking information for you. With that tracking information, you'll be able to see the status of your order and potentially reach out to the shipping carrier to make arrangements. 

I'll follow up via PM! Thanks for your understanding!

Happy Streaming!

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