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Deleting a Device or Deactivating a Device?

When attempting to use the Android app to operate my TV which had built-in Roku, I kept getting a device showing that I tried to have 'forgotten' because I had once had an old Ultra unit in the same room and things got confused.  After multiple attempts at deleting the Ultra device at which failed because either doesn't work anymore or can't use Chrome's autofill for the username and password, I tried to find where to delete this phantom device on Roku's support page.  Apparently, Roku recognizes 'deactivate' but not 'delete'.  Who knew? To be pedantic, I didn't want to leave the old device accessible subject to 're-activation', I wanted to delete it, i.e. make it disappear completely.  Since I lost 30 minutes of my remaining lifetime trying to solve this, (not resolve this because I had never solved it in the first place, unlike de-activation), what's another 5 minutes spent for the purpose of ranting about this seeming  ineptitude on the part of the Roku support system.  Why can't I delete a device in Android when I'm on the website?  Don't get me started about 'unlinking', as that was another few lost minutes. 

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