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Customer Service Feedback

Hi, just finished "chatting" with a "customer service" person. The exchange was truly unbelievable so I'm posting the transcript to this community as a cautionary tale of what you can expect:


Chat Transcript with Robert Doe
Chat started on 06 Sep 2022, 11:33 PM (GMT+0)
(11:33:11)     *** Robert Doe joined the chat ***
(11:33:11)     Robert Doe
(11:33:18)     Roku Customer Service
An agent will be with you shortly. To avoid being disconnected, please do not minimize or close this window, and make sure your device has a strong network connection.
(11:33:55)     Robert Doe
Last Rep just now disconnected on me
(11:34:41)     Robert Doe
after all this wait!
(11:35:24)     Robert Doe
Issue: roku not sending activation email
(11:45:09)     Robert Doe
must be meal break there huh? Cuz que is shrinking very slow now.
(11:46:59)     Robert Doe
que Frozen @ 30
(11:48:59)     Robert Doe
9 hours now and still no activation email from Roku... Wonder if Roku's Email server(s) are broken?
(11:59:38)     Robert Doe
'Oh I've been waiting on an email all the live-long day...I've been waiting on an email just to make my Roku PLAY!' Can't you feel my desperation growing, growing all day long! Can't you see me shopping Amazon...maybe a Fire Stick can't be wrong... ---Sang to the tune "I've been working on the railroad."
(12:00:44)     Robert Doe
Railroad vice railroad....LOL
(12:02:42)     *** Sai joined the chat ***
(12:02:53)     Sai
Hi Robert!
(12:03:07)     Robert Doe
(12:03:20)     Sai
Yes, Robert.
(12:03:26)     Robert Doe
(12:03:31)     Sai
To assist you further could you please explain what is the exact issue you are facing with Roku, Robert?
(12:04:40)     Robert Doe
Roku hasn't sent any activation email in spite several requests
(12:06:31)     Robert Doe
I accidentally factory reset this morning.
(12:06:49)     Sai
Did you check your Spam/Junk folder, Robert?
(12:06:54)     Robert Doe
(12:07:25)     Robert Doe
and its mail account and everything is working fine w/ it
(12:07:44)     Sai
Could you please try to use a different email address and check, Robert?
(12:07:58)     Robert Doe
Also I have 3 computers and a phone syncing to that account
(12:08:51)     Robert Doe
I thought i had to ude my acct id?
(12:09:25)     Robert Doe
sorry for typos
(12:09:36)     Robert Doe
my dog just just the fence
(12:09:49)     Sai
Did you enter this same email ID on the TV screen, Robert?
(12:09:55)     Robert Doe
had to type when chasing a dog
(12:10:04)     Robert Doe
(12:11:04)     Sai
If you have an .alternative email address please try to enter that and check, Robert?
(12:11:32)     Robert Doe
I'm beginning to suspect the IP stack is starting to fail on this stick and I've only had it since April/May
(12:12:02)     Robert Doe
Will u stay on the chat while I try?
(12:13:03)     Robert Doe
(12:13:43)     Robert Doe
requires doing yet another factory reset
(12:13:50)     Sai
Sure I will be here, Robert.
(12:14:10)     Robert Doe
k we go for the 9 time
(12:17:35)     Robert Doe
(12:17:46)     Robert Doe
got the email
(12:18:15)     Robert Doe
And that is a Working Gmail account too
(12:18:42)     Robert Doe
maybe you system is blocking
(12:19:53)     Robert Doe
give me a sec to open email
(12:20:47)     Sai
(12:21:02)     Robert Doe
The email says I need to establish a new acct under that email
(12:21:24)     Robert Doe
How do I get around that?
(12:21:34)     Sai
Yes, please create a account and you can follow the on-screen instructions, Robert.
(12:21:59)     Robert Doe
I don't need another Roku account!!
(12:22:22)     Robert Doe
Bad enough I'll need to set up the stick again!
(12:23:05)     Sai
There was something wrong with the before email address, Robert.
(12:23:37)     Robert Doe
I get email from you regularly
(12:23:52)     Sai
If there is a problem with the Roku definitely you will not be getting an email for this alternative email address as well, Robert.
(12:24:57)     Robert Doe
NO, maybe you server trashed the activation requests as spam
(12:26:25)     Robert Doe
I've test the email account (my Roku ID) several time today And sent/ received several outside email today as well
(12:28:01)     Robert Doe
If I have to cancel that account just to fix this then I will NOT renew any of the premium subscriptions of subscribe to new ones!
(12:28:27)     Robert Doe
I can do that on Amazon just as easy
(12:29:51)     Sai
Do you want to cancel your subscriptions, Robert?
(12:30:16)     Robert Doe
WOW! you don't care
(12:30:44)     Robert Doe
Been happy w/ roku for years but...
(12:31:42)     Robert Doe
I'm still signed on so I'll do it myself if that is hoe you want to resolve a customers issue
(12:32:48)     Sai
As I suggested to use an alternative email address you got the mail right, Robert?
(12:33:31)     Robert Doe
You said I need to set up a new account right
(12:33:59)     Robert Doe
Or can I just change it in my Roku account profile
(12:34:01)     Robert Doe
(12:35:39)     Sai
Please visit and sign in after signing in you can see an option called Deactivate account.
(12:36:14)     Sai
After that create an account and then you can use the same email address on the TV screen for the activation purpose.
(12:37:49)     Robert Doe
Anyway... I'll be including this in my online reviews (google,Yelp,etc) of Roku and customer service. Too bad I was prepared to order 3-4 more premium subscriptions
(12:38:06)     Robert Doe
Thanks for nothing...
(12:38:12)     *** Robert Doe left the chat ***

NAME     Robert Doe
LOCATION      United States
URL     Livechat Popout

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