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Child purchased Disney not me

My child apparently decided to purchase Disney plus for 84$ I canceled it right away but my bank was still charged how can I get them back??

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Re: Child purchased Disney not me


To start, let's make sure this fiasco is not repeated.   If you log into your account at you can create or reset a PIN value. You can then choose when the PIN is to be required, such as before it will allow any subscription or purchase to be made on your account.

Now as for the current charge..

You can say your child subscribed without your knowledge, but this was done on your account so how does Roku know this was not authorized?

Every streaming channel subscription which I have ever seen, either through a third party like Roku or directly with the channel, is nonrefundable. You are subscribing for a specified pre-paid subscription period (either a paid period or a free trial) and it auto renews at the current prevailing rate when that period runs out. To prevent from auto renewing you must cancel before the current subscription period expires. If you unsubscribe after a subscription has been paid for, it prevents the subsequent auto-renewal, but the current subscription stays in force until the balance of the pre-paid period expires. If you don't unsubcribe, the charges go on forever.

These conditions are explained on screen and must be accepted when subscribing (you know, all that stuff most of us don't bother to read at the time).

Once your subscription has begun your options are to let it run its course unwatched, or to use it and enjoy it until it runs out. And, of course, to cancel it BEFORE your current subscription period runs out so it doesn't renew again.

Any refunds can only be done on a customer accomodation basis outside the conditions of the channel agreement, so consider yourself lucky if Roku lets you off the hook.

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