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Charge for Hulu thru Roku and cannot figure out how to cancel

 I have been charge for Hulu thru Roku for months/years.  It is being charged thru PayPal and the merchant says Roku, Inc with the website I’ve been thru the support questions but cannot find a direct answer on how to cancel the charge and I don't see a chat feature to talk with someone directly. Under My Subscriptions, there is not a Hulu subscription showing either.  How do I get this canceled??? I have been paying for this for way to long and don't use it or even know how to long into Hulu for this charge. 

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Re: Charge for Hulu thru Roku and cannot figure out how to cancel

Hi @efinstad77

Thank you for the inquiry!

For these issues, it may be more effective for you to get help from our billing team.
Please contact them directly through our Account-Billing Support page. Choose the options for "Account, payments & subscriptions" and they are the best ones to help you out with that matter.

We hope it helps!

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Re: Charge for Hulu thru Roku and cannot figure out how to cancel


There are two ways to cancel a subscription you have obtained through Roku.

  1. Highlight the channel in your Home page channel grid.  Don't press OK.
    Press the * key on your Roku remote.
    From the popup menu, click on Manage Subscription.  (If you don't have a Manage Subscription option, your subscription is not through Roku.)
    Follow the prompts to cancel the subscription.

  2. Log into your Roku account at https:/
    Scroll down and click on Manage your subscriptions.
    Find the subscription you want to cancel and unsubscribe.
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Re: Charge for Hulu thru Roku and cannot figure out how to cancel

So I figured this out as what I was trying to to was get Hulu bundled with disney+ & espn+


my scenario:  Hulu basic subscription but Billed through Roku

what is confusing:  Roku doesn't list the subscription which now makes sense as the subscription is via Hulu but Roku is just doing the "billing" so nothing to do with the actual subscription

steps I took:

-- on Hulu account page I cancelled my subscription

-- I then needed support to immediately make my account cancelled vs waiting for Billing cycle to end.  If you don't do this step then Disney account page when trying to add the bundle of the 3 services will complain about credit card account but that is because it recognizes that you have an account that is billed from someone else so it can't "take over" the billing until that gets fully cleared out.  Disney needs a better error message IMO

-- once Hulu was fully cancelled, I then could go into Disney account page and add the Disney+ bundle with espn+ and hulu. 

-- after that step on the Disney account page I had to goto subscriptions sections and click on the Hulu subscription to force it to go through the "activate" credentials type authorization from what I could tell and then the same with ESPN

-- once this is done, when I login to Hulu to view my account, had to change the password (again), I now see the Billing is through Disney!!!!

"Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+

You are billed for this plan by Disney+. For billing information or to make changes to your Disney Bundle subscription, please visit the "Billing Details" page at "


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