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Cannot Change email In Roku 4650

i'd like to order a new remote for my roku premier4650 as you have on my main screen, the offer for $9.99. when i attempt to order, it has my old email address _which has been updated on line over a year!!!!!!! there is nothing on my roku4650 to change the email from my tv( which is not a rokutv) so i cannot change it there. ( and no way to "link" either) there also seems to be no real customer service to contact only this "community". okay, "community" what the **bleep** should i do with no way to correct an email through my roku device to match the online account?????

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Re: Cannot Change email In Roku 4650


Thanks for the inquiry.

Have you made sure that the Roku account email address has been updated online? In addition, have you made sure that the Roku device that you are using has the correct email address as your Roku account? You can verify the email address that the Roku is linked to by going to Settings > System > About.

For more information about how to change your Roku account email address, visit our Support page here: How do I change the email address or password for my Roku account?


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Re: Cannot Change email In Roku 4650

My user name is appaloosa and I have the same problem. I have updated my email address online. I have verified the email on the Roku channel is one that I am no longer using and need to change. I don't find any way online to do that, or anyway on the channel to do that. Help, please.

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