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Cancelled Blaze TV w/in 15 days - still paying annual $99 charge????

I signed up for Blaze TV, paying the annual charge, rather than the monthly amount.  I was told I could cancel within 15 days.  After viewing several offerings, I determined it was not for me.  I contacted Blaze TV to cancel, but was told I had to go through ROKU.  Was unable to speak to anyone about this.  I did hit the cancel button, but was told that I could still watch until May 14, 2023.  I'm not claiming to be brilliant in either math or finance, but it sounds like I'm still $99 out of pocket.  BTW, today is May 18, 2022.  HELP!!

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Re: Cancelled Blaze TV w/in 15 days - still paying annual $99 charge????

Hi, @OldAndAngry, it's our pleasure to help out and provide information about your Blaze TV charges. Since this would be about your account information, we will have to send you a direct message here on The Roku Community to cover this with you. We can also confirm whether or not you have access until May 14th and if the subscription has been canceled. Please keep an eye out for a message from us in your Roku Community inbox!

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