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Can I use a bank account check to make a payment?

Am I able to write a check and send to u by photo for this month?  Because my debit card has been shut off for another week.  

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Can I use a bank account check to make a payment?


First, notice that my signature says I'm not from Roku. I'm a Roku user, like you.

Roku generally doesn't charge monthly, unless you are subscribing to a particular service (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) through Roku Pay. Are you subscribed to something? If so, Roku will let you use PayPal, and PayPal will connect to your bank account. You can accomplish the same thing using a service such as PayPal.

But back to the reason for your question, I'm just wanting to make sure that you aren't paying anything to anyone for usage of a Roku device. Some scammers will pretend to be Roku and charge you to set up your Roku and a monthly fee going forward. I just want to make sure you aren't a victim of something like that.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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