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I was not aware that Roku sponsors the terrorist leader Steve Bannon.

I will cancel all 4 of my Roku's if I see Roku under Steve's ugly face. 


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Re: Bannon

This idiot calling Steve Bannon a terroist is deeply uninformed and ignorant, and most certainly doesn’t watch the warroom. Typical

Re: Bannon

Am thinking you are a bright person, so get out of your echo chamber for a minute and maybe you won't sound like a moron.


Re: Bannon

Steve Bannon is a hero bringing to the public hard evidence of the subversion of our government & cultural institutions by woke imbeciles in the Democrat Party & CCP. Patriots will buy 5 ROKUs for every 4 that basement leftist morons got their parents to buy for them.


"I will cancel all 4 of my Roku's".

So @David59 let me get this straight. You're threatening to "cancel all 4 Roku's" because YOU have a personal opinion of someone who Roku has on their streaming device. You know you don't have to download that app right? First of all, you wouldn't be hurting Roku by cancelling 1 let alone all 4 Roku's. It's not like your paying a monthly rental fee. Roku made their money each time you went out and purchased their device. The beauty of Roku's streaming devices is that you get to choose the apps you want to download. Here's an idea. How about tailoring the device according to your liking, instead of making ridiculous empty threats that is only going to cause you to loose out. 

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David59 Level 7 ‎02-04-2021 09:47 AM Bannon

Good ..... why don't you cancel yourself while you're at it, you misinformed, censorship loving CCP fascist?

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