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Binge Watcher

Anyone else get contacted by lawyers to sue Roku?

Was contacted by a legit law group saying they they wanted to represent me for a 'claim' they said it's not a class action but they say they might be able to get a payment from them, just curious if anyone knows what it's all about and if legal representation is really necessary, because it's always the lawyers that make out in this kind of stuff and if it's just lawyers BF frivolous stuff to mess with Roku and shake them down I'd rather not be involved in that kind of stuff.


I dunno, anyone that has something to say or know about it?? 

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Re: Anyone else get contacted by lawyers to sue Roku?

Yes we got an add on Facebook a att

He sent a form stateding that to fill out the form out with proof of 2 years or more that roku settlement is 2,500$ it could be a scam.we have a great service from roku my self the only people to gain from this is theAtt'sBut remember if roku is doing something wrong they should contact you not a nickel & dime Att.

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Roku Guru

Re: Anyone else get contacted by lawyers to sue Roku?

@citydwelleer @Tink1122 

I have yet to be contacted by any lawyers about any lawsuits. Nor do I think they’ve done anything to me that Warren me to join one

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Re: Anyone else get contacted by lawyers to sue Roku?

Yeah what’s the name of the law firm that contacted you? I’m definitely interested in getting involved. My bank accounts have been going crazy with notifications of scammers trying to login on the daily. These companies have so much money but they just can’t seem to protect themselves from getting ours stolen. But let some scammers take a couple million from the corporation and they’d be so swift to take the necessary steps to secure themselves…but that’s never going to happen bec they already have!

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