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Anyone Else Waiting Awhile for an exchange?

On 4/2 I was given an RMA number to start an exchange for a faulty unit. The unit was sent out 4/11 via FedEx. This package was confirmed delivered 4/12, 3:12pm to the 302 Enzo Drive Location.

I submitted a followup ticket on 4/21, as I never heard a response or update. I was informed that the support agent would be following up with “the billing team” regarding the refund status. I reiterated that I did not want a refund, I just wanted the faulty unit exchanged with a functional unit.

As there was no response following that reply, a new ticket was submitted requesting an update and on 5/2 I was informed that the unit in question was not delivered and a FedEx tracking was requested. I replied to that email provided the FedEx Tracking Number along with a screenshot confirming the delivery. As of today, I’ve not received any updates and the Roku Warehouse has had my unit since 4/12.

At this point, I’m not banking on getting a refund or an exchange, since no one could get their stuff together and figure out where my unit is. Spent the extra money on the Ultra 4k. Should’ve just bought a Firestick if I had known customer service would suck this bad. 

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Re: Anyone Else Waiting Awhile for an exchange?

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Re: Anyone Else Waiting Awhile for an exchange?


Thanks for the post.

If you are already in touch with our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with the regarding your order issue as they would best be able to assist you moving forward.


Danny R.
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