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A&E app charges

I had the a&e app, but not a subscription to the channel and I was getting charged 3.99 a month.. is that just for using the app? I just removed it from me channels, so will the payments stop?
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Re: A&E app charges


Thanks for letting us know about the issue that you are experiencing.

We recommend taking the following steps to view and manage your current Roku-billed subscriptions:
1) Log into your Roku account on
2) Click on Manage your Subscriptions.
3) Here you will be able to view all of your current subscriptions.

For more information on how to manage and cancel a subscription through Roku, visit our Support page here: How do I manage or cancel a Roku-billed subscription?


Danny R.
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Please call my account...getting charge A&E and never used it

Yes I'm getting charge with A&E too which I don't have an my account and don't want it... 🤔 I check my account and I only have disney and lifetime movie club but still getting charged with A&E

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Re: Please call my account...getting charge A&E and never used it

Hi @Ieishaj33,

We appreciate you reaching out to us. 
For these issues, it may be more effective for you to get help from our billing team. Please contact them directly at Choose the option from the drop-down menu for "Questions about my account or billing," and you'll be able to send an email request there.

If you need any additional help and we’ll follow up to continue assisting you.

Best regards,

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